Stay Up to date

Keeping your business up to date is the most important when it comes to attracting new customers. Knowing your results are reaching the right audience at the right time are key aspects to growing and maintaining your business. I will help you get the maximum results to grow your business around the Brainerd Lakes area and St. Cloud, MN.

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Online Marketing

Ask yourself these questions: Do you have a responsive website to help ensure the best online experience for your current and new customers? Are you able to see performance on your website? Did you know Google actually penalizes websites for not being mobile ready, or that when you click on your own Google Ad Words campaign to help make sure you keep showing up, actually hurts your business?

We have up-to-date knowledge about online and traditional advertising, and keep learning as our times are changing.  I will help guide you through your campaign and keep track of all your reporting to make sure that you are getting the best results with the products so many companies have to offer. Other services we offer is website building, as well as creating and maintaining your social media pages.

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What I can do for you

You're a busy business owner... You don't always have time to track your results, or stay up to speed on what's working and what's not. What about the multiple calls a day you receive from sales people wanting to take up more of your time to tell you about all those products you don't have time to learn about?

I can help with that! I will help create a marketing plan that makes sense for YOUR business specifically. I will research how you're showing up and your current results and help maximize that. I will keep track of all your advertising reporting and make sure you have a consolidated report for every aspect of your marketing campaign monthly, and talk to and meet with those sales people to see if what they have to offer is right for your business, and budget - saving you more time to focus on what really matters... Your customers.

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Marketing Matters

What our company is here to do: help you get the most out of your marketing campaign. We make sure our clients stay up to date in the ever changing advertising world, but do it so it's affordable and as easy as possible for our clients.

We are not just another marketing consulting  business: our main goal is to ensure our clients have the best service and get the maximum results to help create new leads but make sure you're keeping in touch with your current customers - keeping your business top of mind.


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